Freeview is Digital TV received through an aerial

We carry in stock a variety of Digitally compatible aerials. These range from standard 'contract' aerials, to more elaborate aerials. We use Blake Aerials manufactured in Sheffield.


Don't worry if you don't know what type you need. That's what we're here for! 

What we won't do is fit you a standard aerial in a poor reception area or try to sell you a more expensive aerial when a cheaper variety will work perfectly.


Adding an amplifier can help in poor reception areas or if many TV points are required.


Sometimes raising the aerial will improve reception.



Blake Standard Contract Aerial. 

For use in good reception areas.




Blake SR18 Hi-Gain Aerial.


For use in medium/poor reception areas.




Blake DMX/JBX Super Hi-Gain Aerial.


For use in poor reception areas.



Blake Log Periodic Aerial.


For use in problem areas.